Why Now Is The Best Time To Learn About Design Innovation


Firstly, what is design? Most people associate design with graphics and visual aesthetics. But beyond that, it is a plan to achieve a desired outcome. It is about creating solutions for people and it permeates many aspects of our lives and across different industries.

But another term we often hear along with design is ‘innovation’. While closely related, innovation focuses on the process of creativity and problem-solving to come up with new ideas. Thus, it often involves the use of design and design thinking to tackle problems or make improvements in fields such as architecture, engineering, and software development.

Innovation drives our world forward. It is a technological and cultural evolution that helps us solve simple and complex problems. From hospitals to housing, design and innovation is about finding clever solutions to specific issues for the benefit of individuals.


Here are a few reasons why you should learn about design and innovation!

Important to development

Many companies are successful and influential thanks to design thinking. In our fast-paced lives and highly competitive economy, businesses can no longer afford to stand still. Innovation powers economies, and economies power the development of entire nations and their population. Therefore, companies must always think ahead and establish sustainable long-term solutions.

This approach ensures business growth, while also contributing to the wider development of the field, and even the lives of their consumers. For example, in 2012, Philips released a new range of irons across Asia that took the world by storm. While irons normally have to be positioned vertically when at rest so that their heated sole plates do not come into contact with the clothing, Philips developed an iron that does not burn fabric when laid flat to solve this issue. This made the lives of consumers easier and contributed to business growth for Philips.


Supports creativity

In many highly competitive industries such as manufacturing or technology, innovative designs are what helps companies in that field come up with the best solutions to their consumers’ problems. It is the process of identifying and recognising the user’s needs and coming up with a solution once the need has been defined. This is where the brainstorming begins and creatives are needed.

Besides being innovative and imaginative, ideas should also be practical. A new design is only successful if it is useful to counter problems. A great example would be the smartphone. In the past, phones were bulky and inconvenient to carry around. But today, compact designs have made it possible to own a fully functioning device with the capabilities of a computer, right in our pockets! By improving on aspects like portability, smartphones have become more attractive to consumers.


Innovative designers are in high demand

Today, businesses are increasingly recognising the value of design and innovation. These skills are vital to the stability and survival of businesses in many sectors. For example, design thinking is not a new skill, but it has now evolved to become one of the most popular approaches to creative problem-solving.

As a result, innovative designers are in high demand everywhere. Many talented and creative people are earning large salaries while making valuable contributions to the world.



Design and innovation are not only about new ideas and products; it is also about the improvements that lead to growth and the contributions it can make to the world. Therefore, the industry is constantly looking for new people to innovate and address new products, services, technologies, and processes.

If you feel that you can make a difference and want to learn more about design and innovation, you can sign up for skills development courses to gain more knowledge and improve your current skills. It is guaranteed that you will find the learning resources you need! If you are uncertain about which course to take, come visit our Skills Ambassadors at the Lifelong Learning Institute for a complimentary one-to-one Skills and Training Advisory session today!


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Posted on 03/02/21