Applying Design in Education

Collaboration with Lifelong Learning Institute

In line with the NDC's ‘Design Learning’ programme line-up and the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI)’s quarterly theme on ‘Design and Innovation’, Dsg and LLI have come together to profile how design plays an increasingly important role in education, enable businesses to innovate, and share the exciting career and skills training opportunities available. We hope to raise awareness and interest in design, encourage a spirit of continuous learning, and help our students and jobseekers get a headstart in exploring a career in design through the following programmes.


Applying Design in Education - Literacy in the Making: Where Heads, Hearts & Hands Meet

Have you ever wondered how design can be applied to curriculum and learning delivery in education? Or how we might incorporate design to positively impact the experience of learners? If you are an educator keen to find out the answers to these questions, watch this interactive and engaging workshop by Maureen Carroll, Ph.D., and Lois Logan, M.S.! They will lead you through a design-based learning experience that combines literacy, social-emotional and making skills!

Posted on 01/06/21