5 Impactful Careers Options In Sustainability To Consider


The demand for professionals in the sustainability industry is expected to continue growing. More people in the world are beginning to notice the vital need to reduce the negative impacts on the climate and global ecosystem. People with environmental sustainability jobs are the ones at the forefront of contributing to the better existence for all of us and future generations. If you would like to make a difference through your job too, here are 5 career options in the sustainability industry you can consider!


Sustainable Architect

Buildings are significant contributors to the production of greenhouse gas emissions. This is why designing and developing environmentally-friendly structures is so important. Sustainable architects focus on developing designs that are energy efficient and created with materials that do not harm the environment. The need for sustainable architects has increased by leaps and bounds in the recent years, with increasing awareness of the need to protect the environment from activities that are harmful to the ecosystem.


Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability consultants help conceptualise, coordinate and oversee sustainability practices. Some organisations do not have their own professionals and often hire external consultants to advise them on how to become more environmentally responsible. As a sustainability consultant, you will be able to help more people and companies to push sustainability to another level. You can work on a diverse range of projects, including new residential areas, big events, and commercial buildings.


Sustainability-conscious Finance Advisor

More often than before, investors are now considering environmental impacts when making investment decisions. Many investments have been tied up with companies that are involved in environmentally questionable activities such as deforestation, animal testing or child labour. With environmental sustainability knowledge, these financial advisors can help people invest in a way that has a positive impact on the environment, while not contributing to social inequalities. This is why financial advisors who know how to invest sustainably are often high in demand!


Sustainable Facilities Manager

While the architect and consultant sets the precedence for built environments to be more sustainable, a sustainable facilities manager oversees the day-to-day upkeep of such processes. Normally, their scope of work involves maintaining a building’s operations to ensure they are safe and accessible. A facilities manager with a special focus on sustainability would be particularly equipped in green building management and executing environmentally-friendly practices.


Green Entrepreneurs

You don’t have to always be working for a company to make a difference in the environment. Adding a sustainability mindset and goal to what you do is key! Green entrepreneurs run their own ventures that are designed to be green in its products and operations.



You might not realise it yet, but there are many jobs in the area of sustainability. While the demands for professionals are only growing, it would be helpful to find your specific area of interest and go on from there! Job seekers who pursue sustainability jobs should be considered heroes.

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Posted on 03/02/21