The LLiBrary Webinar Series: Raising Low-Maintenance and Resilient Children in High-Cost Singapore

Date 20/10/22
Time 12:30PM to 01:30PM
Venue Virtual
Admission Fee Free
In Partnership with National Library Board


Learn strategies to raise low maintenance and resilient children to achieve Financial Independence Retire or Rewire Early (FIRE).

Parents generally would agree that having children is a costly affair in Singapore. Often, many will think twice to have children, especially if they harbour dreams to achieve “Financial Independence Retire or Rewire Early” (FIRE). Learn what strategies you can adopt to raise low maintenance and resilient children, so that your FIRE goals are still on target.

Speaker: Loh Shurn Lin

About the Speaker:

Shurn Lin is an Independent Consultant and FIRE Mentor at Sloth@Work.  She provides business strategy and marketing consulting services to companies, SMEs and start-ups. She also mentors young adults starting out in their career, busy parents and PMETs who hope to end their daily grind, by starting their FIRE journey. 

Shurn Lin, a mother of one, has more than 25 years of track record in business management and marketing in several public-listed companies.  She was retrenched back in 2019, but got over her retrenchment grief fairly quickly as she realised she has attained FIRE after doing her final calculations.  She was aged 48 years old then.

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The LLiBrary Webinar series is organised by National Library Board Singapore and Lifelong Learning Institute.