The LLiBrary Lunchtime Webinar Series: Using Personality Diversity Awareness to Improve Accountability

Date 01/12/22
Time 12:30PM to 02:00PM
Venue Virtual
Admission Fee Free
In Partnership with National Library Board


In this session, you will be introduced to Equilibria’s E-Colors system, which groups the different aspects in everyone’s personality into four colours – Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. Then you will learn Equilibria’s Personal Intervention tool, which will help you to better understand the diverse personalities of yourself and others, and to manage your personality tendencies to improve accountability, within your group, among your teammates and also to yourself.    

Speaker: Chris Cherry

About the Speaker:

Chris is a US attorney and legal professional with in-depth corporate business knowledge developed through work with clients in a broad range of industries in the Asia Pacific and Middle East. With a passion for coaching and teaching, he is the Singapore General Manager for Equilibria, a professional training and coaching company. He also teaches International Business Transactions each year at the Michigan State University College of Law Japan Summer Program. 

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The LLiBrary Lunchtime Webinar series is organised by National Library Board Singapore and Lifelong Learning Institute.