The LLiBrary Lunchtime Webinar Series: Harnessing Conversational AI to Transform Learning

Date 30/03/23
Time 12:00PM to 01:00PM
Venue Virtual
Admission Fee Free
In Partnership with National Library Board


Discover how Conversational AI revolutionises communication and learning.

How will it impact corporate training and development? What are the ethical concerns? Explore AI-powered teaching assistant Walter and how it can be best used to enhance learning outcomes. 

Speaker: Dr Jim Wagstaff

About the Speaker:

Dr Jim Wagstaff is an educator and entrepreneur, and co-founder of Noodle Factory. Obtaining his master's and doctoral degrees from the University of Liverpool (UK), Jim's research focuses on how organisations harness the power of digital capabilities. He co-founded Jam Factory and Noodle Factory, and is a founding board member of UP 2 Speed - all companies that focus on corporate training and development. 

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The LLiBrary Lunchtime Webinar series is organised by National Library Board Singapore and Lifelong Learning Institute.