Data Analytics: Making Business Sense of Data

Date 04/08/22
Time 02:00PM to 05:00PM
Venue Lifelong Learning Institute, Event Hall 2-1, via Lobby A
Admission Fee Free
In Partnership with Lithan Academy


Data Analytics: Making Business Sense of Data

The world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data - The Economist (2017)

Data will fundamentally alter the way business is done. However, companies are storing tons of info in their databases, not knowing what to do with them. 

In a digitally powered economy, businesses with the right form of data and actionable insights can successfully navigate the market, make future predictions, and adjust their business to fit market trends. Whereas poor data quality can lead to poor decision making or a wrong business move. This can result in low productivity and mistrust between customers and the brand. 

As organisations are building data analytics capabilities to leap ahead in the digital economy, digital competencies of a workforce is the key driving force to this effort. Data democratisation will empower more employees to make strategic decisions at all levels of the organisation, there will be higher accessibility to quality data and actionable insights enabled by powerful AI, machine learning, and analytical tools and greater opportunities for data unification from diverse sources. 

Join this insightful session delivered by our Enterprise Solutions Lead, Rodney Tan alongside Data Expert Irene Boey to get insights on how to build a data-driven intelligent business to leap ahead in the digital economy, the importance of digital competencies, what your business needs, and learn about our offering CLaaS@Work with contextualised learning in the flow of work. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • 5 less than common sense mistakes business leaders make in setting up data-led task force
  • Recognising key components of analytics that differentiates you from competition
  • Data Insights about your business you didn't think about
  • The profile of a data-centric person
  • The digital competencies to consider about your business digital maturity
  • Redefining proficiencies in the digital economy, regardless of industry
  • Develop and Customise a learning and development plan on analytics strategy for your business in 20 hours or less


Data Analytics: Making Sense of Data (Speakers)