(InLab) Learning & Innovative Series 1 - Using Collaborative Learning: Capture Value from Innovation Through Law of Confidence & Trade Secrets

Date 23/06/22
Time 12:30PM to 01:30PM
Venue Virtual
Admission Fee Free
In Partnership with National Library Board

Collaborative learning drives active training. The Jigsaw learning method is used to show that what a participant discusses and teaches others can enable him/her to acquire understanding and mastery. 

Here, participants are given different sets of Intellectual Property (IP) write-ups on Confidentiality & Privacy and a chance to demonstrate that, when combined with the material learned by the others, it forms a coherent body of knowledge or skill. 

Speakers: William Phay & Kok Tsz Wing

Speaker: William Phay

William Phay is a Chartered Engineer (IES) certified PROSCIâ’¸ Change Leader, and a Senior Practicing Management Consultant. He has more than 7 IPRs (patents, registered designs, and trademarks), written more than 24 publications, commercialised his inventions, and has transformed successful companies. 

Speaker: Kok Tsz Wing

Kok Tsz Wing is a Learning Innovation Advocate in SUSS-IAL. She is trained in psychology and has tacit experiences in research design, strategies, methodologies, and methods. With her passion in learning sciences and law, she adopts a client-centred and holistic approach to resolving issues relating to Intellectual Property, Non-Disclosures, and mainly authorial works.