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Human Capital (Singapore) / HCS Academy

Human Capital (Singapore) / HCS Academy is the national centre for Continuing Education and Training (CET) in the area of human resource management. We train and develop people managers so that they can re-design critical HR processes, identify and build necessary competencies, and deploy the best HR practices to meet the increasing expectations of the industry.

HCS Academy also provides advisory services to help organisations enhance their human capital management, as well as career guidance and counseling services to individuals to increase their personal effectiveness.

Human Resource WSQ Programmes

In the area of human resource management, the Human Resource WSQ (HR WSQ) is designed to build industry competencies. Founded on best international practices and validated by industries and employers, the HR WSQ is designed to enable an individual to seek upgrading and career progression in a practical and flexible manner through bite-sized learning.

The HR WSQ system underpins skills formation of HR professionals and people managers and enables them to have greater access to training and the attainment of nationally-recognised certifications. It facilitates skills and career progression for HR professionals and people managers.

Georgetown University APQ Programme

Georgetown University McDonough School of Business is collaborating with HCS Academy to offer an Advanced Professional Qualification (APQ) in Global Business Leadership & International Relations. The APQ is a frontier programme taught by Georgetown University specifically for corporate and enterprise leaders to expand their horizons to foray into the global market.


Contact Us

#05-01 (via Lobby A)

6423 0388


Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 9am – 6.45pm