What projects do we fund?

We fund projects that:

  • Bring the community together to learn
  • Create and share learning ideas, opportunities, and learning activities (non-profit) to benefit the community
  • Inspire and build lifelong learning habits in the community


  • Form a learning group
  • Jumpstart a photography project
  • Organise a talk, workshop or exhibition
  • Design a campaign

How much funding can you get?

Successful applicants can get funding up to 90% of the project qualifying cost. Specific funding levels would vary based on the merits of each project.

 NOTE: Project should not commence before the letter of offer is signed.


Who can apply?

We welcome learning ideas from all individuals, schools, organisations and community groups!

Groups of Individuals Schools Organisations must be registered in Singapore under

18 years old and above Singaporean

Individual below 18 years old may apply through their schools.

Min. 2 applicants

Educational Institutions
(Public and Private)

Registrar of Society (ROS); or

Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)


What costs are claimable?


  • Professional services e.g. trainer fees or speaker fees in the form of honorarium, facilitators, tokens of appreciation
  • Fees & Materials e.g. event management fees, rental of equipment and venue, and other materials needed to conduct the learning
  • Marketing & Publicity e.g. brochure design, social media marketing
  • Others e.g. refreshments, transportation (e.g. public transport)


  • Fundraising effort or event (including but not limited to crowd funding)
  • Cash or prize given to any third party
  • Start-up costs or capital expenditure e.g. registration or licensing fees, property rental, and any expenditure on office equipment, utilities, computer infrastructure and transportation vehicles
  • Any manpower-related costs e.g. project coordinator, admin personnel, ushers
  • Any costs or expenses incurred for any form of religious and/or political activities
  • Any costs or expenses in foreign currency and overseas purchases


  1. This list is non-exhaustive. The evaluation committee reserves the right to reject the cost items that do not meet the objectives and eligibility criteria of the fund.
  2. Double Dipping Policy - Applicants have to declare funding received from other sources – government or non-government bodies – at the point of project submission as well as during project period.
  3. The total costs for each participant must not exceed S$80.
  4. Refreshments are capped between $8 - $12 (inclusive of GST, delivery charges etc)
  5. Event management fees should be less than 10% of the total cost submitted.

How to apply?

Fill in our online application form. You will need the following details:

  • Clear description of your project proposal
  • Team members’ particulars e.g. NRIC number, address, contact details
  • Company details (for organisations) e.g. business registration or society registration number, mailing address
  • Project budget
  • Project timeline
  • Attach any other supporting documents in jpeg or pdf

Submission of application closes on 25th of every month and results will only be known on 24th of the following month.


a) Incomplete forms, insufficient information or failure to submit required documents will delay the application process.

b) Project need to be completed within 3 months from the signing of letter of offer.


What do I need to submit to get funding?

The grant is given on a reimbursement basis. If you are successful in your application, please submit all required documents within 2 weeks upon project completion:

  1. Project report*
  2. Summary of project cost breakdown*
  3. All original or certified true copies of receipts/invoices for all costs incurred
  4. Photos of learning activity (at least 3 – 5) and screen grab of social media post (if any)
  5. Collated feedback responses*
  6. Signed attendance record with email

Reimbursement will be computed based on the actual qualifying costs incurred. The final amount you will receive will be lower of the following, capped at the maximum approved funding:

a) Approved quantum of actual qualifying costs; or

b) Actual qualifying costs less the total fees collected (if any, i.e. net delict for the project)

 NOTE: Applicant should achieve at least 75% attendance of projected number of participants stated in the application.

*Template will be provided

SkillsFuture Singapore reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.


Before you begin, here’s a few things that you’ll need to help you along on your application.





Please set aside at least 15 minutes for the application.

Application should be submitted at least 2 months before the project commence for sufficient time in planning the marketing, logistics etc.



LearnSG Seed Fund is currently under review and will not be accepting new applications until further notice. For more enquiries, please email learnsg@ssg.gov.sg.