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Training Room 9-2, 9-3

Level 9, 44 sqm 

Located at the top level of the institute, these rooms can be rented individually or combined, to best suit your training needs. The combination of modern layout in the room and beautiful landscape at the common area would make the session conducive and allow participants to feel right at home.    

In addition, Training Rooms on Level 9 have access to a common air-conditioned breakout area for refreshments.

Cluster style (6 pax per cluster) Cluster style (8 pax per cluster)  Classroom style Seminar (Chairs Only)
20 pax - 20 pax 30 pax

* Subject to availability

Additional remarks: Nil


Pricing (Individual Room)

Date 4 Hour Block 8am - 5pm Block Full Day
Mon - Sat $200 $455 $660
Sun & Public Holidays $300 $675 $900

For a comprehensive list of the pricings, click here.