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Learning Neighbourhood @ Geylang Serai is co-organised by the People’s Association (Geylang Serai Community Club) and Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) to bring learning to residents/community of Geylang Serai.

With the support of our partners, we will be bringing a series of virtual learning activities/workshops/talks from 9 Nov 2020 to 22 Nov 2020, with a key focus on jobs/work skills related learning.

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Monday, 9 November 2020




A Glimpse of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by NTUC LearningHub


In a survey to 200 employers across Singapore to uncover coveted skills that keep businesses viable during the Covid-19 outbreak, skills such as Data Analysis, Data-driven decision making, AI/Machine Learning, Cybersecurity and Project Management emerged as the Top 10.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting business and changing the way we live, and yet most of us don’t quite understand what AI actually is. What exactly is AI, and why has there been an exponential increase in it capability in recent time? Are there any limitation to AI? This talk demystifies AI by first covering its history, recent resurgence, mechanisms behind how it works and how it differs from more conventional or "traditional methods". We will also discuss on how we can position ourselves and upskill take advantage of this technology.

Tuesday, 10 November 2020




Introduction to Digital Marketing by Lithan Academy

• Fundamentals of digital marketing
• Different digital marketing channels
• Fundamentals of Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing & SEO
• Understanding landing pages and digital analytics
• Creating and maintaining Brand Strategy across different channels
• Creating and leveraging editorial calendars to achieve marketing goals
• Creating customized URL for tracking
• Fundamentals of Ads & Campaigns




Identifying Signs and Symptoms of Medical Emergencies by HMI Institute of Health Sciences

Many patients were unaware they suffered a minor stroke which resulted in delayed medical treatment. Overall lack of awareness of its signs and symptoms contributed to a major stroke. This talk will provide you with an awareness so that you can seek timely medical attention for common medical emergencies e.g. Stroke, Ischemic Heart Disease.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020



Unboxing Youth Work by School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

A season counsellor, in this sharing, Dr Glen Ng will give an overview of the youth work sector and what are the core competencies and skills required of a youth work association or a youth worker. Participants will also have a glimpse of the psychological and developmental stages of youths and some basic techniques to reach out to youths effectively.




Reinvent Yourself Like A Superhero: How to Prepare for the Gig Economy of the Future by NTUC LearningHub

Don’t be discouraged if you have just lost your job or your gigs have suddenly dried up. You can learn how to gear up for future opportunities by mastering the 3Rs of career reinvention:


REFRAME your career narrative for a better fit with the marketplace

RECOMBINE your skills so that you can carve out new niches.

RESKILL so you can access newer and bigger opportunities.    


Put on your superhero cape and come learn how to discover new opportunities, find new gigs and breathe new life into your adventures in the gig economy.    


Leveraging the Government’s Self-Employed Person (SEP) Support Scheme and co-funded by the Government and NTUC, the NTUC Training Fund (SEPs) now allows SEPs to earn as they train.  It also aims to support SEPs in deepening and/or acquiring new competencies during this lull period, in preparation for when the economy picks up and new opportunities arise.


You can reinvent yourself like a superhero, just like the protagonists in the movies you have grown up watching. Reinvention is that superpower of all superpowers, the key that will unlock opportunities in the gig economy of the future.

Thursday, 12 November 2020



Harnessing Data Analytics by Nanyang Polytechnic

At the end of the talk, participants will be able to:
a) Understand the concept of data analytics and its use
b) Identify the appropriate tools to use in visualization
c) Identify the progression of the data analytics course




Learning on the Go – How to Build Up In-Demand Skills, Anytime, Anywhere by NTUC LearningHub

Many people recognise the importance of lifelong learning to help us remain employable and relevant, but ‘lack of time’ is often cited as one of the top reasons why people don’t take up learning. However, with the range of online and mobile learning providers available today, there is a wide range of options available to help you. Join this webinar to find out more about what are the top skills in demand through this period, and what are the flexible learning options available to you.

Friday, 13 November 2020



ACI Stuffed Tropical Roulette Chicken by Asian Culinary Institute Singapore

Create a fusion twist to your usual home cooking. Fun, fresh recipe to get you in the kitchen. Start cooking with Chef Lawrence Toon from Asian Culinary Institute, Nanyang Polytechnic.




Is Supply Chain Management the choice for you? by Nanyang Polytechnic

What about a career in supply chain management? Before you pass off that thought, do you know enough to say “no”? Is it only about trucks, ships and planes? Or boxes, pallets and forklifts? In this session, participants will learn more about supply chain management in Singapore and its career opportunities.

Saturday, 14 November 2020



The Art of Chinese Culinary by Chef Loo Tiong Bin

<Session will be conducted in mandarin>


If you want to have a lot of fun while learning a new skill, why not learn how to cook your favourite Chinese food at home?


Dishes of the day:






Excel shortcut keys you SHOULD know!

From a beginner Excel user to the most advanced power-user ninja; knowing these keyboard shortcuts will not only increase your productivity and streamline your workflow, they may impress your co-workers or your boss to the point where they feel honoured to be working beside such an Excel master.

Sunday, 15 November 2020



Mastering the Arts of Pastry, Culinary and Hospitality  by SHATEC


SHATEC has launched industry-relevant programmes with 3 specialization tracks: Hotel and Accommodation Services, Culinary Arts and Pastry & Baking. In this 2-hour session, the SHATEC team will share the importance of cultivating a skill set that will set you up for success in the Hospitality and F&B industry.

Don’t miss on the opportunity to meet our Chef who will be imparting  a mouth-watering selection of quick and healthy recipes!




3 tips on marketing your business online during this pandemic

Find out how your business can adapt to the pandemic by marketing and selling online. Learn from the actual real case studies.

Monday, 16 November 2020




Overview of Advanced Manufacturing by Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

Open to all mid-career job seekers, SIM’s SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Advanced Manufacturing Programme is a 6-month train & place programme designed with industry inputs and supported by more than 30 learning, industry and recruitment partners.

During the programme, you will receive monthly training allowance of $1,200 and undergo a 120-hour attachment project with reputable companies from the advanced manufacturing sector.

Join the session to understand:

Session 1 (25min):

Joan Lim, Deputy Head, Business Development @SIM

• What are the benefits and who can apply for the programme?

• What’s the programme structure and the trainees’ journey?

Session 2 (10mins):

Dr Aaron Tan, Director - Learner Advisory & Career Centre (LA&CC) @SIM

• What are the career support and job opportunities if you sign up for the 6-month programme

• Advice for Job Seekers during Covid-19

Session 3 (15mins):

Annie Lim, APJ Head Talent Acquisition & Diversity Outreach @Citrix

• The impact of COVID-19 on Singapore’s labour market and the possible outlook beyond 2020

• How can you better prepare yourself for this digital VUCA era?

Q&A (10mins)




The Craft of Writing: Creative & Business by Singapore Media Academy

Attendees will develop a brief appreciation about the different forms of writing from narrative scripts and documentaries for the media industry, but also why it is also important to be trained to write for advertising as well as proposals and concept papers for pitches.

Attendees will also be provided a glimpse into the SGUS - Writers’ Training Programme delivered by Singapore Media Academy.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020



Build Apps & Automation without Programming by Lithan Academy

• Understand the Modern Workplace Practice
• Identify the technology to enable a modern workplace
• Learn about using Microsoft Power Automate to automate Business Processes 
• Build apps & bots in 2-3 weeks
• Witness real-life case studies & bring virtual agents to life
• Gain a competitive advantage with connected applications ecosystem




Exciting Career Opportunities in New Retail & Digital Commerce by Singapore Institute of Retail Studies

Retail is undergoing rapid transformation as companies leverage existing and emerging technologies. Retailers are refining their business model to changes in the environment that offer them opportunities to enhance customer engagement and experience. The evolutions in the retail industry brings about exciting opportunities presented in New Retail and Digital Commerce. Amidst the digital disruption, it is important to understand the changing social dynamics and behaviours of today’s workplace and be equipped with future leadership skills.

Find out how retail industry has changed with the rise of digital commerce and what new career opportunities and new skills sets you can embark on.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020



What it takes to succeed in the Hotel industry by Ascott Centre for Excellence

Hear about the exciting and fascinating stories from a former Executive Housekeeper in a Hotel. Discover how personnel handle today’s travelers whom are digitally savvy thanks to their constant access to smartphones and tablets.  Also, learn about the courses Ascott Centre for Excellence offers, including SGUnited programs that can expand your career opportunities.




Do you Want to be a Preschool Teacher by Asian International College

In 2017's National Day Rally, PM Lee noted the need for every child to have a good start in life, and a bright future.  He said: “We have been investing in preschools, because the early childhood years make a big difference to children not just academically, but for life.”

Singapore has around 16,000 pre-school educators, and 4,000 are needed by 2025.
Join us for the 'Do you want to be a Preschool Teacher' Webinar to know more of the requirements and skills required to prepare yourself for the early childhood industry.  Career path, salary range, work hours, the various roles and positions at Preschool will be discussed.

Thursday, 19 November 2020



How to Start Your Own Home-Based Business by Singapore Institute of Retail Studies

In recent months, we have seen a huge increase of home-based businesses, more and more people are discovering ways to pursue entrepreneurship with their headquarters at home.
In today’s connected world, where technology gives us more flexibility in how and where we work, home-based businesses come in a wide variety of forms.
Using your knowledge, talent and resources, you can start tapping into them and start creating your own business!

Take your first step today by joining us in this talk. Find out your options and what you need to know to get started!




Advances in Precision Engineering and Robotics by Nanyang Polytechnic

Participants will understand the impact of new technologies in the Manufacturing sector and be exposed to the latest exciting developments and trends.

Both short courses and longer formal courses related to picking up skills in precision engineering, manufacturing, robotics and automation will be explained.

People with skills in these areas would benefit companies in the Precision Engineering and Manufacturing industries as they would be able to innovate and help companies stay competitive.

Friday, 20 November 2020



SENSE Virtual Workshop - Introduction to Excel and Powerpoint by Mendaki SENSE

Workshop 1: Intro to Excel

Workshop is designed to provide beginner participants with a general overview of Excel topics and specifically a good understanding of several different functions.


·         Learning of shortcuts and formulas for navigation and efficiency.

·         Work smarter and take advantage of the most helpful functions and features.

The workshop gives an overview of some very important range operations and basic functions.

Workshop 2: Intro to Powerpoint

Workshop is designed to provide an overview that allows candidates to understand the concept of presentations and to demonstrate competence in using presentation software.


·         Work with presentations and save them in different file formats.

·         Choose built-in options, such as the Help function, within the application to enhance

·         Understand different presentation views and when to use them; choose different slidelayouts and designs.

·         Enter, edit, and format text in presentations.

Saturday, 21 November 2020



Navigating through different lenses: The Art of Translation by School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

In this one hour sharing, participants will have a glimpse into the needs and trends of commercial translation, both in speech and in written forms, and what are the basic techniques that would allow them to converse effectively and accurately in workplace and commercial settings.




Skills & Training Advisory @ Lifelong Learning Institute

Looking to upgrade your skills for a career progression or transition but not sure where to start?

With Skills and Training Advisory, we can help you discover the possibilities to creating your own future right in your neigbourhood at Lifelong Learning Institute!


  1. What is Skills and Training Advisory?
  2. What can Skills and Training Advisory do for you?
  3. How LLI can help you in your lifelong learning journey
  4. Q&A
Sunday, 22 November 2020



Additive Manufacturing for Digital Transformation – Industry 4.0 by Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is identified as the future manufacturing for operations that require short time-to-market builds, unique design requirements and low volume- high mix production runs. With the growing adoption of AM, there is a need for more skilled talent pool in the market.


This programme aims to train participants with a holistic understanding of the AM Concept and Fundamentals, Data Mining, IIot-enabled monitoring, and AM practical skills in line with digitalisation towards Industry 4.0 for all major industry sectors. It will cover principles, methodology, design for manufacturing, industry standards, quality assurance, industry case studies and usage of specific 3D AM technologies and systems, along with an understanding of the necessary post-processing of AM products, which are critical in the manufacturing of customised and complex 3D parts.




Whatsapp, Everything you need to know!

Learn how to optimized your Whatsapp! In this exciting session, we will be sharing with you on how to use whatsapp to its fullest! Learn how to save space on your phone, prevent unnecessary Data usage on your phone! Also, the importance of backing up your messages and all the How-to! Also learn how to use your whatsapp for business! See you in the next session!