Spark Chamber Clarinet


Sparks Chamber Clarinets is a Singapore clarinet ensemble, whose clarinettists are active members of SparksWinds and former band students of Ms Chan Peck Suan, who conducts SparksWinds. The founding members of Sparks Chamber Clarinets are Charis Peck Xin Hui, Sebastian Lim and Li Lingzhi. They have performed in a few concerts as part of SparksWinds, and decided to explore clarinet repertoire beyond the standard band set.

Their love for playing the clarinet is the main motivation for establishing Sparks Chamber Clarinet. The ensemble has performed in various locations around Singapore, including library@esplanade, Singapore Arts Museum (SAM) and the Esplanade concourse. Their repertoire consists of a good mix of classical and contemporary clarinet music.

Moving forward, Sparks Chamber Clarinets intend to include other performance genres such as Jazz, and aims to bring clarinet music to a wider spectrum of audience. The lunchtime performance in The LLiBrary was the perfect platform for Sparks Chamber Clarinets to reach out to an audience who might only have limited opportunities to know more about the clarinet and its music.   

Watch the trio's performance here:

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