Facilitator conducting an activity for the students


The Lifelong Learning Exploration Centre (LLEC) hosted an inaugural C.S.I. (Career Scene Investigation) event for over 750 Secondary school students at the Lifelong Learning Institute on 24 May 2016. At the event, students took on the role of Career Detectives to uncover career-related clues to unlock their career interests and learn relevant career skills and knowledge.

By listening and interacting with industry speakers across 15 sectors such as Animation, Media & Communication, Tourism, Healthcare, Maritime etc; it opens up the minds of the students to more career options that pique their interests. Through the sessions, students learnt about the latest industry trends and insights as well as in-demand occupations, job requirements, and possible pathways/qualifications.

Students also completed missions focusing on Personal Branding, Resume Writing and Interview Skills to help them build a strong career foundation.

“The event has helped me learn more about the various industries and has also helped me to clarify some of my misconceptions on certain occupations,” commented a Jurongville Secondary School student. Over 93% of the students who attended had found the event experiential and useful in helping them in their career planning.

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